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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Gas Drinkers by Edward Sevcik

Writers of the Future XXIII

Story within a story. The narrator is half past the remaining air and can not find an escape when he runs into two thugs (Sebastian and Chang Mao) and a con man, Volkonski, who greets the narrator as Frederick. Volkokski talks them into jacking into the illegal gas while he tells them a story.

Volkonski and his crew are traveling to Titan with a load of valuable material; however, they are low on fuel and in what seems an impossible situation. Instead, they shoot for a Langrangian Point near Primaeus. So they reach there finding a strange, pseudomorph fungal-organism(s) that use iron to live. Of course, humans use iron in their hemoglobin. Also pseudomorph can change their shape or mimic a pitiable woman's cry for help.

A clever structure. Both stories equally fun although the first probably would be less likely if it hadn't been interrupted by another story.

Writers of the Future, Edward Sevcik

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