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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interview with Jamaica Kincaid:
"The people who invented race, who grouped us together as “black,” were inventing and categorizing their ability to do something vicious and wrong. I don’t see why I have to give them validity, or why I have to approach that label with any kind of seriousness. We give the people who make this category too much legitimacy by accepting it. We give them too much power. "
 Fiction about the Future -- Contest for writers ages 13-25

Award-winning SF announced at Campbell Conference:

  • Molly Gloss won the Sturgeon Award for "The Grinnell Method"
  • Adam Roberts won the Campbell Award for Jack Glass
  • Kevin J. Anderson and Steven Savile won the Lifeboat to the Stars Award for Tau Ceti

Rhys Hughes' edited zine:  The Ironic Fantastic #1

Douglas Lain has added the reward of reading his entire novel to fun his "Think the Impossible" Tour.

Luc Reid seeks funding for research about a climate change--to be funneled into his novel.

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