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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Kreativity for Kats" by Fritz Leiber

H. L. Gold's Galaxy Magazine.  Available online for the ebook of Magicats II.  It is a sequel to "Spacetime for Springers."

Gummitch the cat is depressed by his discovery he's not human, plus cat bullies outside want to kill him.  So he presses on to another endeavor.  The female owner, Kittycomehere (the cat's name for her), tries to puzzle out why the cat isn't drinking his water, a mystery Gummitch helps them solve by letting them see a little of his unusual perspective on the world.

The cat apparently is privy to information going on in his owners' heads--as the cat's names for the owners persists--or else the narrative accidentally slips in point of view from the cat's close third to the omniscient.  The former is more interesting, however.  It further compounds the cat's unreliability, however, as he gains unusual powers and undermines the theme to "Spacetime for Springers", in which case the flaw in perspective there might be due solely to his maturity.  A third tale exists in this series, which might settle the matter, but it is unavailable to me at the moment.

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