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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Robert Olen Butler writes a story online.

Robert Olen Butler writes a story.

34 hours!  I seem to recall a joke about a TV show that features an audience watching a writer write.  Since less than three percent hang on to the end, I'd say the joke is valid.  It isn't terribly exciting, true, but it is interesting to see how alike your processes match.  Also, Butler discusses questions from his audience, which can be interesting.

In the first video I found the following interesting commentaries on his own process:

  1. Capture yearning of character before starting.
  2. Look for the right mood with music.
  3. A work of art is entirely sensual, not analytic.
  4. Dreaming about art = sensual, analytic = thinking about it*
* = Butler erases moments that don't fit the character's mood.  There's some overlap, but he does focus more on the senses and the yearning.

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