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Monday, June 17, 2013

"The Road to Cinnabar" by Edward Bryant

Originally appeared in Infinity.  Also in Bryant's own collection, Cinnabara strange city of the far future.  A purchase will help the author as he is enduring financial and health problems (see Friends of Ed Bryant).

In the desert city of Cinnabar where time moves strangely, Wylie Cafter drops into the Coronet.  He stops the owner from whipping a clumsy servant.  After night passes rapidly, Cafter re-enters where he's accosted by an odd trio--a giant, a dwarf, and a woman--for seeing a camera that's visible.  Cafter tries to organize a union but fails.  Then something happens that somewhat organizes/makes logical these disparate events.

The theme from Cafter's mouth:  "Reality is my deadliest enemy."

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