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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Writerly advice

Odds & Ends
Find out who you write like

50x Blogging Tips

  • links to various blogs with multiple blogging tips.  Perhaps one day I'll wade through them all.

Editorial advice
Editors talk with Michael Knost about what they're looking for

Jennifer Niesslein, editor and writer, advises on submissions.

  • I liked:  "I submit to publications I like. It’s not personal."  Most interestingly, I pondered "After an editor rejects three pieces of my work, I move on."  As an editor myself, I read all works sent in.  I did associate certain writers with certain styles that did not appeal to me, but I maintained the same vision as an editor.  I tried never to let bias enter in--going over poems multiple times without the authors' names attached--and I did find poems I liked even when the writer had submitted many that did not grab me.  The above statement did not mirror my editorial practices.  If some editors are that way, they're losing out.  I hope she's mistaken.

Writer to writer advice
David Farland advises wrting key scenes first

Steven Barnes offers advice to new writers

  • Especially useful was his advice for looking down the road, in terms of a career 

David Farland on overcoming mental exhaustion

Maria Popova distills Samuel Delany's comments on Good Writing vs. Talented Writing 

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