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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jay Lake's Process of Writing

Here's an ebook I bought immediately.  Jay Lake's Writing Process (This has a link to a contest, and to various ebook formats.  I originally thought the title a poor choice until I started reading and realized it was perfect.)

I've been friends with Jay almost since he started writing professionally--humorous, friendly, fun and  often interesting to hang with.  I fondly recall our drive to Wiscon, the conversations and The Rolling Stones marathon.  A good man in many ways.

I'll write a full review later, but it is full of Jay Lake's writing wisdom.  Frankly, his ideas on story ideas are mystical mumbo-jumbo (sorry, Jay), but I'm sure they would be useful to those with a very organic writing styles.  However, much of the other stuff has valuable writing nuggets:  names, productive lifestyles, the business, and world-building details.

For years I've wanted to move out to Oregon, to live near Jay and the Wordos workshop, but couldn't figure out a practical way to do so.  This ebook is a good substitute--it makes it feel like you're in conversation with the writer.

I highly recommend it.

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