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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"The Sorrowless Thief” By Ryan Harvey

Black Gate

A drug-addicted beggar tries to talk Dyzan Ludd, a Sorrowless, out of a foolhardy robbery of the Shapers, the lords who rule Ahn-Tarqa.  He goes anyway.

His plan is bold:  to enter the caravan full of Shapers.  His plan is fool-proof... except they'd anticipated his arrival.

They have a plan for him:  to look into something darker than the Sorrow.  They may not like what he has to tell them.

An intense tale although the frame is not as strong and not yet integral to the telling.  Worth reading.  May the forthcoming novel set in the same world as these Ahn-Tarqa tales have even more reveals and splendors, and be as populated with strong heroes as Dyzan.

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