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Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: William Gibson by Gary Westfahl

William Gibson Gary Westfahl
University of Illinois Press

This is a scholarly treatment of William Gibson.  Unfortunately, due to technological glitches, the only part of the book I received was an extensive bibliography--handy if not especially interesting.

I did check out the introductory sample from the Amazon website.  It immediately splashes his brash character in a quote that takes down Robert Heinlein.  Gibson, as you can see by the story "The Gernsback Continuum" discussed here, entered the SF scene, kicking down the Heinlein-generation's furniture and setting up a new shop.  However, Westfahl suggests that Gibson and Heinlein share more than they seem to.

Westfahl points out that Gibson, despite claims for him being postmodernist, grew up in the slums of SF, and considers himself from that turf.  To that end, Westfahl renders Gibson's biography.

The introductory analysis makes me lament the technological glitch that gave me only the back pages.  This book may be worth investigating for fans and scholars alike.

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