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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Free, reduced and new ebook lunches

FreeK Camp 
(Awards: Hollywood, NY, New England, London, Paris, San Francisco, Beach Book, Moonbeam, Mom's Choice awards for teens and young adults) (FreeKs) 
by Steve Burt

Virtual Unrealities
The Short Fiction of Alfred Bester 
by Alfred Bester 
Alfred Bester! Writer of verve and energy.  Discover him if you haven't already.

Punktown: Shades of Grey 
by Jeffrey Thomas, Scott Thomas 

In Pursuit of Gold: 
Chinese American Miners and Merchants in the American West 
(The Asian American Experience) 
by Sue Fawn Chung 

Writers of the Future Volume 30 
by Orson Scott Card (Author), Mike Resnick (Author), Robert Silverberg (Author), Val Lindahn (Author), Terry Madden (Author), Amanda Forrest (Author), Anaea Lay (Author), K.C. Norton (Author), Randy Henderson (Author), Liz Colter (Author), Leena Likitalo (Author), Shauna O'meara (Author), Paul Eckheart (Author), Megan E. O'Keefe (Author), Oleg Kazantsev (Author), C. Stuart Hardwick (Author), Timothy Jordan (Author), Dave Wolverton (Editor), Seonhee Lim (Illustrator), Vicent-Michael Coviello (Illustrator), Kristie Kim (Illustrator), Sarah Webb (Illustrator), Adam Brewster (Illustrator), Trevor Smith (Illustrator), Bernardo Mota (Illustrator), Kirbi Fagan (Illustrator), Michael Talbot (Illustrator), Cassandre Bolan (Illustrator), Vanessa Golitz (Illustrator), Andrew Sonea (Illustrator), L. Ron Hubbard (Contributor) 

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