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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hugos announced (which are online) + Free & reduced ebook lunches (updated to add Farland, Powers, Day)

Hugo award announced (and where to find them if online)


The Last Witchking 
by Vox Day
Up for the current Hugo.  Controversial.  A number speculated, without reading, whether this should be on the ballot. He has enemies but also active loyal readers according to the reviews.  Time to ignore both camps and seek the truth for yourself.

Spirit Walker 
(Serpent Catch) 
by David Farland 
The opening book in a science fantasy series.  It appears to be redivided from the original.  One novel appears to have fallen short of a Nebula nomination.

The Bible Repairman and Other Stories 
by Tim Powers 
Featured in best-of collections and up for a Locus.

Beyond the Rift 
by Peter Watts 
Some of these stories won or were up for about every SF award.  Only a few hours left!

Cosmic Kaleidoscope 
by Bob Shaw 
 A few classic stories

by Bob Shaw 
Won the British SF award

The Star-Spangled Future 
by Norman Spinrad 
 A few classic stories

by Leigh Kennedy 
Stories up for Locus, Nebula and in Best SF

The Journal of Nicholas the American 
by Leigh Kennedy 
Up for a Nebula 

The Songbirds of Pain 
by Garry Kilworth 
collection up for World Fantasy

In the Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave 
by Garry Kilworth 
 A few classic stories

Roma Eterna 
by Robert Silverberg 
Up for Locus awards, Best SF

A Song Called Youth 
by John Shirley 
early cyberpunk -- three novels!

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