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Thursday, April 17, 2014

"The Clouds in Her Eyes" by Liz Colter

Appeared in Writers of the Future 30.  Author website.

An excellent tale--sweeping and imaginative.

Amba has literal clouds in her eyes.  She helps her father harvest the sparkers, a grub-like worm that provides electricity and a little water.  Although rain hasn't visited their land in a long while, the father siphons water from the earth to keep the sparkers from drowning.

Meanwhile, a ship (real or unreal?) gets closer and closer over months.  Finally, it arrives.  The captain learns her true name "storm-bringer" and spurs, stirs latent abilities.  But should she disturb the current, delicate ecology?

Like many in the anthology this years, the author is concerned with ecology, but she seems to have a good handle on developing what feels like the ecology of the place.  It may be worth studying her example.  I'll be looking for Liz Colter's name.  Write like the wind! ( ever the wind writes... breezy? with gusto?)

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