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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Memories Bleed Beneath the Mask" by Randy Henderson

Appeared in Writers of the Future 30.  It is the grand prize winner of the contest.  Author website.  

Trystan visits his grandfather on his deathbed.  His mother coaches him to inherit his grandfather's memories in order to become a lawspeaker/justice like his grandfather, who puts away people for sellling illegal memories.  Instead, Trystan he wants to be a healer.  However, Trystan has "tainted" or illegal memories himself which his grandfather suspects.  Nonetheless, his grandfather gives Trystan memories of the law.  While Grandfather seemed heartless in not aiding Trystan's family, he had a plan.  Even Trystan's flawed memories become a part of it.

A politically moving piece in terms of following mythical figures like Robin Hood or the Scarlet Pimpernel.  Not as idea rich as other stories, but it's also shorter.  Maybe other tales bit off more worldbuilding than their stories chew?  Just guessing the judges' motives.

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